• Why Invest in Kikuyu

    Our real estate company Litala Properties Ltd has ventured into a number of projects in Kikuyu, Kikuyu is in Kiambu County. When interacting with customers in the market, most people ask us why Kikuyu.

    The following are some of the reasons that make Kikuyu area a prime region to invest in, and why you should conside buying land there:

    • Infrastructure
    • Affordable land
    • Strategic location
    • Easy accessibility

    We discuss in detail the above reasons below;


    Nowadays, everyone want to have a piece of land for home ownership solutions or for u=investment purposes.
    Infrastructural improvements leading to Kikuyu brought by the launch of the Southern Bypass and improvement of access roads by the local government have made the area ripe for land speculation leading to High Returns on Investment.

    Affordable Land

    Parcels of land in Kikuyu are affordable to most people. It is evident that all land seekers are likely to purchase land that is more affordable and also sold in smaller parcels measuring 50 by 100 for commercial, residential, investment or agricultural purposes.

Strategic Location

Kikuyu Town is strategically located in a place where there are infrastructural upgrades on major connecting roads. For instance, Kikuyu connects to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) via the Southern Bypass.
Kikuyu Town also connects to Nairobi's CBD via Waiyaki Way as well as the Southern Bypass and Ngong Road making it a business hub.

Easy Accessibility

Most customers find Kikuyu to be accessible from their places of work. Kikuyu borders Nairobi County, and is connected with the Southern Bypass and the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway (Waiyaki Way).

By Myra Kabiro