• Why Invest in Kangundo Road

    Two decades ago, Kangundo road was more of a bush than a developed area. Within a specific town example Kamulu/Malaa lived a scarced population with one or two neighbours within a specific location.

    Today, as you travel from the Nairobi Central Business District towards Tala through Kangundo Road, you will notice massive infrastructural developments.
    The road that starts from Outering Road has been seeing a lot of developments more especially in real estate.

    Kangundo Road is in the works to benefit from increased government spending on infrastructure. The Kenya National Highways Authority has already earmarked it for an upgrade to a dual carriage road

    There are now palatial homes, thriving commercial centres, petrol stations and supermarkets,Ranked hospitals(like RFH) ,International schools(Brookside) on Kangundo Road. There are hardware shops, recreational venues, nyama choma (roast meat) and bar joints, real estate offices, construction material shops and timber yards while lorries ferrying sand are a common sight on the road.

    A number of middle-class city dwellers have put up their own houses on Kangundo Road, while private developers are also busy putting up residential houses for rental and sales. On weekends, the road has heavy traffic jams, which extends to Ruai - the main shopping centre for Kangundo Road residents

Investors are attracted to the area due to infrastructure development such as good roads, including the Eastern Bypass that links to Kangundo Road .Kangundo road is a recommended investment area to escape the Nairobi CBD noise and quite affordable plots to fit a middle class investor.

Today, 50 by 100 plots along Kangundo Road go for as low as 350k for a residential plot and 2M for a commercial plot touching on tarmac. As you look to invest in a fast developing area look at Kangundo road ,It saves your pocket a good coin

By Christine Mumo